Newfoundland Dog Info and Pictures

[tps_header]The Newfoundland dog, also known as Newfies, is a large-sized dog breed. It was originally bred in Canada as a working dog for fishermen. The color of their coat differs from brown, black to white and black. Despite the large size, they are quite calm and docile. They can be easy to train if started young. They may cause some chaos with other animals due to their giant size.
Newfoundland dogs are good at water rescue because of their water-proof double coat and tremendous strength as well as the innate swimming skills. but when it comes to grooming, it is a little bit hard because of the thick double coat.
According to AKC, sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of Newfoundland dog, so they make great companion for children. They enjoy much more companion than many other dog breeds, that’s why a long daily walk is necessary for them to keep fit. Now check some cute and adorable Newfoundland dogs.[/tps_header]

No.1 Black and brown newfoundland dogs
No.2 Black and white - newfoundland puppies
No.3 Gorgeous newfoundland dog puppy
No.4 Chocklate newfoundland puppy with mom
No.5 Massive newfoundland sweetest dog ever
No.6 Im not a bear newfoundland dogs
No.7 Newfoundland trapper with a flower for mom
No.8 Newfoundland dogs and pinecone
No.9 Newfoundland pup gentle giants
No.10 So adorable newfie puppy

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