30+ Images of Big Dogs That Are Gentle Giants

Despite their sometimes fearsome appearance, larger or even giant dog breeds can make especially good family friends, loving and protecting your children as their own. Dogs such as Mastiffs and Great Danes might look intimidating, but many large and giant breeds are actually total softies. Beneath their massive bodies and, in some cases, copious fur, many are calm and gentle dogs who often just want to snuggle on the couch. And, as this list illustrates, they look absolutely adorable together!

Not all big dogs are good for families – guard dogs or herders can be anxious or over-protective around kids. But some small breeds are also unsuitable around children because of their tendency towards nipping and aggression.
The benefits of raising children with a pet are numerous – they teach responsibility, compassion and confidence, and they will protect your kids and keep them active.

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 big dogs

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 big dogs

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 big dogs

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 big dogs

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 big dogs

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 big dogs

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