Human Foods Dogs Can & Can’t Eat

From the day we get the furry thing home, we all treat them as family members and we definitely do not want anything bad happen to them. We’d love to share everything with them, and sometimes even a small taste of our food. It may be harmless most of the time, but some can be really toxic to them and even fatal.

In fact, dogs have different processing systems from human being. They are more vulnerable and you should pay more attention to their food. Since they are curious energetic animals, they are inclined to search the trash bins just for fun. so to avoid unnecessary trouble, it is necessary for us to know exactly which food then can eat, and which are dangerous for them. Below are the list I’ve just made. On the “No” list, some of the food are out of question, like chocolate, alcoholic and caffeine. But you may be surprised at some of the food, anyway, there’s no bad to go through it thoroughly for your dogs.

Yes √

No ×

-Apples -Alcohol
-Bananas -Avocado
-Blueberries -Caffeine
-Cantaloupe -Chocolate
-Carrots -Coffee
-Cheese(inmoderation) -Fat Trimmings
-Chicken -Garlic
-Eggs -Gum
-Green Beans -Grapes
-Honey -Macadamia Nuts
-Kiwi -Milk
-Mango -Mushrooms
-Oatmeal -Pits and Seeds from fruit
-Peaches -Potato skins and raw potatoes
-Peanut Butter
-Pears -Raisins
-Pineapple -Rhubarb
-Potatoes(cooked skins removed) -Salty Foods(in large amounts)
-Pumpkin -Tea
-Rice -Walnuts
-Sweet Potato -Xylitol
-Yogurt -Yeast and Dough


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