20 Cutest Teacup Dogs in the World

[tps_header]On see teacup dogs for the first time, you will definitely love it even if you are not a dog lover. They are just very lovely and adorable. The most common breeds are Chihuahua Pomeranian and Yorkshire. They have a small body, but some of them can be aggressive if not trained well. So having a teacup dog means more responsibility. They are much more fragile than normal dogs so more attention is needed to ensure they are happy and healthy.

Many people choose teacup dogs are their pets simply because they are cute at the first sight. But they may not be aware of the traits of the dog and always end up with disappointment. So before you make a decision, you’d better check out the information about the specific teacup dog you want to have. We’ve collected some gorgeous teacup dog pictures and if you have teacup dog, we sincerely hope that you can get along well with it and take good care of it.[/tps_header]

a teacup pomeranian puppy

Awwwwww so adorable Pomeranian

someday i will have a puppy like this

teacup chihuahua very cute

want your very own teacup puppy

 yorkshire terrier miniature

Yorkie pup

 Tiny Teacup Morkie PuppyStunning Cinnamon.

Tiny Teacup Biewer Morkie Princess 16 oz at 8 weeks

 This tiny teacup pomeranian is adorable

fall in pets

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    Getting Lucy a tea cup morkie. Lucy will be 12 weeks old .

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