Top 15 Cutest Small Dog Breeds

11.Toy Fox Terrier

Here is another true terrier with the courage and spirit to go out and hunt. while at the meantime they make a great companion dog by curl up on the sofa and watch TV with its master. They are friendly and lovely under most circumstances.small dog breeds 11 Toy Fox Terrier


Papillon is a loyal and friendly dog breed which also makes great companion dog. The most famous feature of this pup is its butterfly dog. Most Papillons are white-black or white-brown. They get along well with children. Besides, they are calm and alert and are always ready to protect their owners.small dog breeds 12 Papillon


Being another group member of toy dog and companion dog, one may be delighted to have Pekingese around. They enjoy the owners companion and with a lot of long fur, the regal small creature requires a regular grooming.small dog breeds 13 Pekingese dog


A perfect family dog, Pomeranian is a fluffy toy dog for the senior. They are lively and energetic in daily life. They are considered to be “personality breed” and they can be trained easily because of their smartness.small dog breeds 14 Pomeranian dog

15.Shih Tzu

This cute breed is always know for its luxurious coat and of course the cute appearance. you can constantly see one Shih Tzu being decorated in different style. Hence, it needs regular grooming to maintain its splashy looking.Cute small dog breeds 15 Shih Tzu dog

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