20+ Cute Corgi Dog Pictures You Will Love

Speaking of corgi dog, the first impression we have are definitely the big smile and the charming little body which makes this breed even more adorable. There are actually two different breeds. One is Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the other is Pembroke Welsh Corgi. They differ in bone structure, body size and etc. but they also share the similar personalities. They are both very friendly and affectionate to family members but can be quite watchful and alert to strangers. The most famous corgi dogs we know must be those belongs to Queen Elizabeth. The queen has long been associated with the Welsh Corgis and that makes this medium-sized dog breed famous worldwide. Here are some pictures about the Corgi breed and you will understand why they are so popular.

adorable-corgi-puppy Adorable Corgi Puppy

corgi-butt-appeared Corgi Butt Appeared

corgi-puppies-are-so-adorable-that-little-face-could-steal-some-hearts Corgi Puppies Are So Adorable That Little Face Could Steal Some Hearts

corgi-puppy-dog Corgi Puppy Dog

corgi-puppy Corgi Puppy

corgi Corgi

funny-corgi-in-a-swing Funny Corgi In A Swing

i-have-a-new-addiction-to-starbucks I Have A New Addiction To Starbucks

i-have-been-staring-waiting-for-something-to-happen I Have Been Staring Waiting For Something To Happen

i-like-this-baseball-hat-cute-corgi I Like This Baseball Hat Cute Corgi

love-corgis Love Corgis

lovely-girl-corgi-dog Lovely Girl Corgi Dog

sneakers-the-corgi Sneakers The Corgi

stealing-this-idea-for-my-pups Stealing This Idea For My Pups

welsh-corgi-pembroke Welsh Corgi Pembroke

welsh-corgi Welsh Corgi

would-you-kiss-this Would You Kiss This

 Cute Corgi Cute Corgi

corgi-and-the-ocean-love-those-little-legs Corgi And The Ocean Love Those Little Legs

adorable-corgi Adorable Corgi

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