20+ Cute Boston Terrier Dog Pictures You Will Love

[tps_header]As one of the few dog breeds originated in the United States, Boston terrier was bred to be great companion. It is a compactly built, short-tailed, well-proportioned dog breed with smooth coat and erect ears. They are usually marked with white in proportion to black, brindle or seal. And that’s why many call it “tuxedo”.

Boston terrier is a lively and highly intelligent dog breed who gets along well with children, any almost any other dogs. Despite the fact that this all-American dog was bred to be a companion, they can be pugnacious sometimes, and they do need exercise and training to avoid behavior problems. Below are some funny and lovely pictures of Boston, go and check it out![/tps_header]

 Funniest Boston Terrier Picture Ever

nothing like the love of a boston terrier

boston terrier puppy

Pretty Howie the Boston Terrier Puppy

You can see their soul in their eyes nothing but dedicated love BostonTerrier

fall in pets

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