Why Does My Cat Need Cat Toys?

My cat plays with anything and everything so why does he need cat toys?

Nothing is safe from the cat in my house, he plays with everything that isn’t glued down. Car keys, pens, pencils, rubber bands, bobby pins, plastic bags, anything, everything. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late for work because my car keys are missing and where do I eventually find them? Under the couch, under the chair and once under the dishwasher. At first, I accused family members but after a while I found out who the culprit was, the one that can’t leave anything alone, my cat!

It seems like he’s fascinated with things that he can bat or push around, the easier they move the more he likes them. Who would’ve ever thought that a cat would be interested in car keys or pens or rubber bands? When small objects disappear, we know who took them and we also know where to look. Under large objects such as furniture or appliances are almost always where things turn up.

It makes me wonder why cats need toys when they play with anything they can get their paws on. It took a while to understand that a cat has a [natural] need to hunt and stalk. Small objects that move easily provide them with an opportunity to stalk, attack and push around their “prey”. Cats need to release energy and by pouncing on and batting things that they can easily move allows them to keep their hunting skills polished. Ah, so that’s why cats need toys!

Cat toys are intended to provide healthy exercise on a daily basis. Toys are a much better way to release energy and have fun without losing the car keys. Surprisingly, cat toys come in a variety of types. Balls, toy mice, wind-up toys to chase and even birds that make chirp noises. So many tantalizing things to interest kitty, he will no longer be interested in the things that he should not be playing with.

Things have gotten a lot better around here since we introduced some toys to our fur baby. He plays for hours [and hours!] with his toys, usually until they disappear under the stove or dishwasher where he can’t fit a paw in to get them. When he loses one of his favorite toys under an appliance, he sits and stares and eventually starts to pout. Yep, I know he lost something and I have to get it for him or he’ll be eying those car keys again. Well, I can’t exactly reach those little mice under the stove either, so I get the yardstick and stick some scotch tape on the end of it and slide it around under the stove and presto, I can fish that little mouse out! I swear he smiles when the mouse reappears and off he goes with his little mouse to push, pounce and bat until he tires out, or it visits [disappears] under an appliance again!

Cat Toys For Less offers you an ever-growing selection of fun cat toys that will keep your special friend busy (and active) for hours. Keeping your indoor cat active helps prevent health risks such as obesity.

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