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Australian cattle dog(ACD) is a medium-sized dog breed who is quite courageous, energetic and agile working dog. It was originated from Australia as a herding dog whose job was driving cattle over long distances. There are two colors for this short-coated dog, brown or black colors with or without markings.
As a working dog, the ACD is quite intelligent, loyal and independent. Due to the energetic instinct, they enjoy plenty of exercise, companion as well as jobs to do. They need a job or a purpose to be happy. Among all the dog breeds, they may be one of the easiest one to be trained.
Besides, if you are considering having one Australian cattle dog as a family dog, they are great with children. And they are mostly good with other pets if trained well. But one thing you need to be careful is that they don’t behave so well when left alone.
Though short-coated, they shed a lot and always stick to your clothing tenaciously which is always difficult to deal with. Anyway, every dog has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s up to you whether to have a Australian cattle dog as a pet.

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