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A parakeet is anybody with a huge number of small to medium-sized species of parrot, in multiple genera, that typically have lengthy tail feathers. Older spellings nevertheless every so often encountered are paroquet or paraquet.
The call parakeet is derived from the French phrase parroquet. It’s far but a pseudo-francism as parroquet means parrot in French, even as the French for parakeet are penuche.
The budgie is native to Australia, wherein it nevertheless dominates the grasslands in massive, undulating flocks. The wild budgie is exactly how the birds we see nowadays in puppy stores, although smaller, and handiest determined in the nominate colour, inexperienced.
The budgie is usually underestimated as a hands-on pet. It is certainly true as “watching handiest” pet, specifically if stored in pairs or in a colony, but it’s without problems hand tamed and may end up a faithful, loving little friend to a patent proprietor. Budgies are social birds and gained’t do nicely in a lifestyle of isolation. Budgies housed collectively do continue to be friendly if gave sufficient contact, even though a lone parakeet is frequently the fine preference if you need a “puppy-fine” fowl.

6 matters to realize about your parakeet

Your parakeet has an average life span of 7 to ten years
Your parakeet’s pleasant, loving persona makes him the maximum popular accomplice hen
Your parakeet likes to be handled for at a minimum 1/2 an hour an afternoon
Smart and effortlessly trained, parakeets can be taught basic commands which include “step up” on for your hand and “step down” when setting them again into their cage
Along with his raspy voice, Your parakeet can every so often research to talk
Your parakeet is likewise referred to as a budgie (identical chook, one-of-a-kind name)

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