Portuguese Water Dog Information and Pictures

They are usually three coat colors of the Portuguese water dogs and sometimes with a marking. They can be friendly and polite with strange dogs if trained well. As a retriever, they are inclined to pick up everything they see in their path. If you are considering a family dog, PWD is definitely a great choice and they’ve proven themselves already! The most famous one must be Bo who is the pet dog of the Obama family. If you set your mind to have one then congratulations and just enjoy to be his master! Now check out the lovely Portuguese water dog pictures!

No.13 portuguese water dog
No.14 portuguese water dog puppy
No.15 portuguese water dog
No.16 portuguese water dog
No.17 portuguese water dog puppies
No.18 smart-portuguese-water-dog_018
No.19 water dog
No.20 water dog
No.21 smart-portuguese-water-dog_021
No.22 smart-portuguese-water-dog_022
No.23 smart-portuguese-water-dog_023
No.24 smart-portuguese-water-dog_024

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