15 Most Popular Akita Dog Pictures

Akita is known as a powerful, dignified large dog breed originating from Japan. They can be quite alert with strangers but affectionate with family members. There are actually two separate varieties as Japanese Akita or the American Akita. The American Akita usually has thinner coat and comes with more colors. Many of us many know that the Akita are very loyal by the movie Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, which tells a dog named Hachi keeps to wait for its owner on the station even he passes away. The plot is rather moving and warm. And that gives many people a reason to have an Akita as a family dog. Now go and check some stunning and cute pictures of Akita!

No.6 In Love With Thee Akita
No.7 In Love With American Akita
No.8 Beautiful Akita Puppy
No.9 6 Month Old Pure White Akita Inu
No.10 Husky Akita Gorgeous Mix Puppy

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