Norwegian Forest Cats

Norwegian Forest Cat is a large-sized cat breed that originates from Norway. It is the  official cat of Norway. With the long thick hair coving its body, the appearance of the  Norwegian Forest Cat fits its name quite well.

Originating in North Europe, the Norwegian Forest Cat is adapted to the cold climate and one thing particular about this furry thing is that its hair is waterproof. It helps to adapt the environment more easily.

although having a rugged appearance, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a domestic cat breed. They are good at climbing, especially to high places. They are great with kids and other animals due to their easy-going and friendly nature. The life span of this cat breed is 14 to 16 years. Below are some pictures about the Norwegian Forest Cat since many may know nothing about it.

norwegian forest cat 006
norwegian forest cat 007
norwegian forest cat 008
norwegian forest cat 009
norwegian forest cat 010
norwegian forest cat4
norwegian cat4
norwegian forest cats4
norwegian mountain cat4
norwegian forest cat5
norwegian cat5
norwegian forest cats5
norwegian mountain cat5 norwegian forest cats6 norwegian forest cat7
norwegian cat7
norwegian forest cats7
norwegian mountain cat7
norwegian forest cat8
norwegian cat8 norwegian mountain cat8
norwegian forest cat9

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  • April 7, 2018 at 12:16 am

    The photos of the two and three cats in the snow are of Siberian Forest / Farm cats rather than Norwegian Forest cats. Siberians have a rounder face than Norwegians, but are similar in other respects.

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