How To Make A Dog Costume – Halloween costumes for dogs

Our pets are so much so part of the family, that more and more of us are including them in all our holiday rituals, including dressing them up for the occasion! If you are looking for some really cute, funny, and even scary dog costumes or perhaps need some inspiration on how to dress up your family dog, this article is for you.

While there are lots of on-line shops to buy your dog a great costume, making one from scratch can be both rewarding and a fun project to do with the kids. Here are some different dog costumes you can make with very little money and lots of creativity.

5 easy homemade dog costumes:

Embellish an old dog shirt, sweater, or jacket. Most of us who own a dog, at some point and time bought them a dog sweater, dog shirt or dog jacket, I’m sure. Well you can use it to make a great dog costume. Just embellish it however you want. Be creative and come up with a really fun costume. This is a super easy way to let the kids use their imaginations and design something really special for Fido.
Use a pillow case or sheet to make a ghost costume for your dog just in time for Halloween. Just cut out holes for the eyes. Or you can add strips of black electrical tape to it and make your dog a prisoner outfit.
Another popular dog costume is the cowboy. You can quickly turn your pup into a cowboy with a bandana and a black felt doll hat that you can buy at any craft sore.

Baby bibs are another great way to make a fun dog costume. Baby bibs come in so many different themes for all holidays and they are the perfect size for a small or medium-sized dog.
You can also make a pet costume by recycling the materials from an old child’s costume. If you don’t have an old costume check out the local thrift store to buy one for cheap.
It really is easy to make you dog a really great costume. So give it try this weekend. You are only limited by your imagination.

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