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Anyone who owns a Bernese mountain dog will tell you no other dog breed is better than owning a Bernese mountain dog. Though BMD is not one of the top ten popular dog breeds in America(according to AOC), noone candeny the fact they are actually very popular as family dogs. If you are choosing the family dog, here are some reasons that will let you fall in love with this little creature.bernese-mountain-dog-1bernese-mountain-dog-2 bernese-mountain-dog-3 bernese-mountain-dog-4

First of all, BMD is a tri-colored large dog breed. He is good-natured and very intelligent. He is always friendly with families and stay agile and calm with strangers. As for the name, it is originally breeded in Swiss and mainly works in the mountain area. Male dogs appear to be musculine while females look pretty feminine.  bernese-mountain-dog-5 bernese-mountain-dog-6 bernese-mountain-dog-7 bernese-mountain-dog-8

If you set your mind having a Bernese Mountain Dog, one thing you need to know is about the training. A BMD can be really depend on their owners and if they are left unattended for a long time, it will be difficult to manage. And for the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy, it takes several months to train them to be a good family dog.bernese-mountain-dog-9 bernese-mountain-dog-10 bernese-mountain-dog-11 halloween-bernese-mountain-dog-costume

The average age of a Bernese Mountain Dog at death is seven years, though many say the life span is 10 to 12 years. Bear all these in mind, have you decided to have a Bernese Mountain Dog?

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