Is it a Bear or a Dog? ‘Bear-Dog’ Found Abandoned and Distressed on Street

in the Russian street that entered the harsh winter, there was one “A bear dog” He wandered alone in the cold street and trembled.

Because of the strange appearance, it was quickly found by the media, instantly became a net red, and everyone was curious, “it’s all right.” Is it a bear or a dog? ”
But after finding out the truth, it was found that the story behind the bear was very cruel.
In fact, the bear – like creature is an abandoned pet, and the local animal shelter has a nickname called “Medvebaka”.

(Medvebaka, Medved is the meaning of a bear, and Sobaka is a dog’s meaning.)

Medvebaka is actually a dog. It was born in Russia.

“It is a breed that is nurtured by a local irresponsible pet merchant.

Speculation from the appearance, it should be a long dog and Chow mix, so there is a bear like head.

The pet market will foster some bad businessmen, mongrel, and claimed that the dog is a purebred, and then sell high profits. But these dogs are very cute when they are young, but some puppies become ugly when they grow up and are abandoned. And Medvebaka is one of the dogs that have been abandoned for failure.

The volunteers in the animal shelter said Medvebaka had a long nose and a distinctive blue tongue that made it look very special. Because of his abandonment, Medvebaka was under a great pressure. It seemed to know that he had been sullen and sullen because he was ridiculed and abandoned.

The staff also suspect that it has been abused. It has been in a state of mental stress. When people are close to it, they will have overreaction and are not interested in making new friends. “We tried our best foods on him, but the dog is clearly so stressed that it might take weeks, if not months, to help him trust people again.”

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    How is He? Does He ear anything? I worry a lot about Him…

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