25 Amazing Pictures about Ragdoll Cats and The Facts You Should Know!

[tps_header]When talking about beautiful cats, ragdoll cat is definitely one of them. Ragdoll cat is a large-sized, smart cat breed with semi-long coat originating from California in 1960s. Ragdolls are pointed breed which means their bodies are lighter in colors than ears, legs and faces.

The ragdolls are quite interested in human beings are always affectionate with families; they tend to follow you at home and even get sleep with you. They are very gentle animals which means they can get along with kids and other animals if trained well. Besides, they are one of the most intelligent cat breeds which can be trained to play throw-and-fetch.

If you want to have one as a pet, it is very suitable for a family cat, but one thing you should pay attention to is that they have quite amount of shedding. Below are some gorgeous ragdoll cat pictures you will definitely love and even forget about their defect. So what are you waiting for? Go and check![/tps_header]

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Seal Lynx Bicolor Ragdoll

Ragdoll Dream Cat


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