20+ Best Amazing Pictures Of Maine Coon Cat

As we can guess from the name, the Maine coon cat is the official state cat of Maine. Originated from New England, this breed is the oldest breeds in North America, making it the first indigenous cat breed.

Maine Coon cat is a large-sized domestic cat, with great intelligence. It has a personality that usual cats don’t have. It is known as a gentle giant cat with squarish face, round eyes, large ears and a muscular body with thick coat. Due to the thick coat, they need frequent grooming.

Being an excellent hunter, the Maine Coon cat gets along well with other cats and animals except mice. They are more inclined to be quiet and make a great family cat. They enjoy indoor activities and interactivity with family members. Now check some funny and lovely pictures of these “Gentle Giants”!

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No.12 Maine Coon Cat
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No.14 Maine Coon Kitten
No.15 Maine Coon
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No.20 Maine Coon Cat The Gentle Giant
No.21 These beautiful MaineCoons

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