25 Best Serengeti Cat Pictures and Information!


  • Size: Medium, 8 to?12 lbs
  • Energy Level: 5/5
  • Talkative: 5/5
  • Coat: Short, fine and very smooth
  • Hypoallergenic: No
  • Sign: Libra
  • Seeking:?Active humans who love listening to me talk
  • Child Friendly: Yes, but my bursts of energy can startle the little ones
  • Personality Snapshot: Shy at first but soon turns into the ‘velcro cat’ – loves to follow humans around and start lively conversations

The Serengeti is a breed of home cat, first developed by crossing a Bengal (domestic and wild hybrid) and an Oriental Shorthair. Diagnosed and registered with the aid of The global Cat association (TICA), no different first generation crosses may be registered as Serengeti.
The perfect Serengeti cat is a medium sized cat with long legs. It have to be in fantastic bodily condition, sturdy and muscular. It should seem as a graceful, statuesque, squarely constructed cat with a completely upright posture.

Also important is the lengthy neck that which blends into the base of the cranium without tapering. Strikingly huge, round tipped ears identical to duration of the head are one of the principal functions of the Serengeti as are its brilliant, round eyes. They must have a gentle, confident, outgoing and alert temperament.

History The Serengeti cat changed into created through Karen Sausman, owner of Kingsmark Cattery in California and a pro conservation biologist. She decided to create a home breed of cat that turned into partially modeled at the lovely African serval. However, not like the breed known as Savannah cats, the Serengeti cats don’t have any serval blood and were developed from crossing bengals and oriental shorthairs. A task to create the breed started out slowly in 1995 and now Serengeti’s are being bred by using individuals round america, the UK, Europe, Australia and even Russia. Serengeti cats are TICA registered and can be shown as a initial new breed.

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