10+ Signs Your Cat Could Be Sick

According to many surveys, cats are more inclined to get sick than dogs. So it is often too late when you find that they are actually ill and you may miss the best time for them to get cured. actually even at the early stage of the disease there are many signs that you can look you can look forwhich can avoid many unnecessary troubles. Here are just some signs you should check.

1. Change in Appetite

Eating too much or too little could signify disease.10-signs-your-cat-could-be-sick

2. Stinky Breath

An odor coming from your kitty’s mouth could mean gum disease.

3. Outside of the Litter Box

Causes of this annoying habit can indicate a disease.

4. Weight Change

Could be an indication of thyroid disease or even cancer.

5. Behavior Change

A classic sign of this could be hiding.

6. Grooming Change

Dull or greasy coat, which could indicate a skin disease.

7. Activity Change

A sudden increase or decrease in activity could indicate an overactive thyroid or arthritis.

8. Sleep Pattern Change

If your cat is a heavy sleeper and now is up all night, or sleeps longer than normal.

9. Stress-Induced Behaviour

A change in your cat’s routine such as a new pet, remodeling or loud noises.

10. Voice Change

Naturally quiet cats who start to be more vocal or chatty cats who become quiet.

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